Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Decorations!

I got a request for some decorations =) here you go!!

This is an idea from Martha Stewart using a black garbage bag!  It is super easy and cheap and looks really great especially on a windy day!  I am going to do this around my whole is a pic of it in the making

{I should've taken a pic from the from the front view of my house but it was early and cold when I took this picture and I didn't wanna walk all the way outside! lol} I promise a better pic when it's all done!}
Here is another easy idea that looks really cool from Country Living.

Another idea that is great for night time when trick or treaters come to visit are some Halloween lanterns below.  These use materials that you probably already have at home, get the instructions on Readers Digest.

More ideas to come soon!! Hope these get you all started with your decorating!


Jenn said...

Thank you! :D I am going to use the garbage bag one for sure!

Leslie said...

Yes! Love the trash bag idea! I've been thinking of doing something similar on the left side of my porch but would have never thought to use a trash bag! Thanks for sharing!