Monday, January 3, 2011

Cake Pops!

My babies made these! {I helped of course, they're a little tiny for the stove etc.,
but they had their lil' chubby hands in every step :) and I am a proud Mama}
My daughter is always yearning for her drawings or lil' creations to be featured on
"the blog". lol.
So, here you go baby. : ) xo
Incase you are all wondering what is inside all of this chocolate goodness...
{as if it matters with all the chocolate and sprinkles on the outside!}...they're cake pops!
 So, the inside is the cake and frosting.

Some may be missing tomorrow... {wink, wink}
These are so great for dessert tables and you may just be seeing them in one of my upcoming parties soon!

p.s. I know Christmas is over but we still had sprinkles.

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Jen said...

Those look delish! Would you mind sharing the recipe?

Makenzie & Jordan said...

Yum!! What's the recipe?

Makenzie & Jordan said...

Oh maybe (if you are willing to share) you would send it to my email. makenzie_lee19(at)hotmail(dot)com.