Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Ideas for Your Kiddies

I don't know if these are fit for a school party. But they would be so fun to make with your kids for Grandma! ...Or make them yourself as a gift for your little ones! A gift at bathtime would be a great surprise! You can find the easy instructions for these on Martha Stewart

I LOVE these mailbox chompers! I saw them in one of my magazines a year ago or so. I'm sure your kids would love making them for their valentines. Find them here on Family Fun along with other instructions for a kitty one.

While you're there you can find this adorable mailbox idea too.
 I love this idea because you could decorate it so many different ways!

Are you taking treats for the classroom party?
Or how about an after school party of your own??
These rose topped cupcakes are so adorable and sooo easy! My sister told me about them years ago and we actually made some for a party we did for my Mom. They come out really great!

And, if you'd rather skip tons of sweets after school. This after school snack is really cute
 but much healthier than the sweets. Just use watermelon and orange slices!
Find it here as well.

I hope these ideas get you planning a Valentine's Bash for your kiddies...or yourself! :)


Jenn said...

Cute stuff!! I love the watermelon idea.