Thursday, October 31, 2013

For All You Superhero Moms

Hi everybody. I've been so excited to see new fans on Facebook.  I have a special printable coming up soon because of that so keep sending your friends over! I'm popping in to share this free printable today for Halloween or anyween!! ;) The printable sheet has two 5x7 prints. Pop them in a frame from the dollar store and share with a fellow Mom. AND don't forget to give her a little chocolate with it too! ;) Hope you enjoy this! Click HERE to download.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sandy Hook Promise

Watching the news is something I really don't do anymore. 
Not since December 14th when the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary happened.
For anyone with a heart, it was horrible. For a mother, it was horrifying. My heart broke watching the news that day and when I had to run to my kids' school to take my son some medicine he forgot, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to go and hold him for a quick second.
 Today, I happened to watch the news for a minute and heard about the #1millionhearts campaign by the Sandy Hook Promise organization.
This Valentine's Day marks the two month anniversary of this terrible day. So, while we are filling out valentines with our kids for their classes or buying them a new stuffed animal for Valentine's Day, let's remember all of the lives that were lost at Sandy Hook. Join the #1millionhearts campaign and share a Valentine in love and support of Newtown and make the Sandy Hook Promise.