Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breakfast Party Ideas

For the longest time I have wanted to have a Breakfast/Brunch get together and I just might have to after finding these pics! Maybe they will inspire you too!

InStyle Weddings

I LOVE this picture! I think it is so pretty and so simple. Silver dollar pancakes are quick to make and this would be really easy to put together. These are definitely on my to do list!
I found this pic through a few sites who credited it to InStyle Weddings
but I could not find the original post :( 

Next on the about mini cinnamon rolls?!!! Omgosh these would be so cute and I would love to put them on sticks and have them all lined up like cake pops! I discovered them on Delightfully Dowling and Kristin was nice enough to let me share a pic with you. Head over and visit her adorable website for the super easy recipe! Thanks Kristin!

On to more cuteness with these mini strawberry parfaits. YUM!! Miniature shot glasses keep with the mini theme here. I think going miniature with food for parties is so cute and think it would be especially great for a breakfast party. The pancakes, cinnamon rolls, and parfaits are sweet items but in a miniature version they wouldn't be too overwhelming. Find the recipe for these yummy parfaits on Celebrations.

Okay, had to add a little protein now to all that sugar! I love these ham and egg crepe squares, to me they look like little packages with the present peeking out. :)  I believe the recipe is from Everyday Food and I found it via Design Crush. Head over for the recipe!

This last image is of ham and egg cups that I found on Modern Mom. There is a great recipe there but
I am also gonna share how I make mine with you because they are just a little different. I love making these because they come out beautiful, taste great, and most importantly are so simple to make. You start off by spraying non-stick spray on your muffin pan. Next, layer about 2 pieces of black forest ham in the cups, overlapping a little on the bottom. I then put some green onion and pepperjack cheese in the bottom. Crack your egg right in the cup over your onions and cheese and sprinkle with pepper (your eggs will get salt from the ham).You then bake them at 400 for about 10 minutes and you're done! You could really make these however you like, using different cheeses, etc.!

 I can't wait to have a morning get together or just surprise my Husband and Kiddos with these fun breakfast ideas! Hope they inspire you too.


Victoria said...

I love planning a brunch party! There are so many unique ideas, I love the ham and egg cups!

Becca said...

so gorgeous - really want to make those precious little pancakes. wouldn't that make a breakfast special?!

Kelly said...

Love the ham and egg cups!