Thursday, July 7, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Medical School Party

Here is a little peek at an upcoming party for my cousin Christina.
Her Mom asked me to help with a party to celebrate her acceptance into medical school and I am so excited about how it is coming along. This is the invite that was sent out to everyone...a "Prescription to Party"! I can't wait to share more and hope you stop by again soon for another peek. I also have two other parties coming up soon so check back for those too!

I also wanted to mention some new things on the blog. The first is the truncated (condensed) posts. You'll notice the posts below have a short intro and then you will see "CLICK HERE TO READ MORE".  I thought this would let you browse through more posts and not have to scroll through tons of pics to get to the next. Just click on the link to open up the post. Also, I added a box in the right margin where you can subscribe to the blog. If you subscribe you will receive an e-mail whenever there is a new post.

Thanks for stopping by today.



Victoria said...

I love this invitation, what a sweet theme!!