Friday, October 28, 2011

{Friday Fave} Chalkboards

You might remember this chalkboard that my husband made me for my cousin Christina's Medical School Party. Well, now it is displayed in our dining area and I love it!

Lately I've been writing little quotes on it during the day and of course my kids LOVE drawing on it.
I think chalkboards are so great design wise because you can use them so many ways and in so many styles. And while I think they are sooo pretty to look at, they can be really functional as well.

Chalkboards are definitely great for parties!
A large chalkboard is great for backdrops, whether it be for a picture booth or dessert table. Hang a banner or other decorations from it or draw them right on! When using it as a prop for a photo booth you could draw captions on it also. Other great party uses would be tags, placecards, menus, signage, or a table cover like this one above. Remember this wasn't actually a chalkboard, but I cheated with black paper and used it in the same way. Don't forget about chalkboard paint too! You can turn almost anything into a chalkboard now. And, after your party is over, the chalkboard can serve as great functional decor in your home.

Check out this chalkboard inspiration from Pinterest...

Hope these ideas inspire you and I hope you have a great weekend!



Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
Have a nice day!

Kim Hernandez said...

Hey Monica! I miss you! I haven't seen you or heard from you in awhile! love chalkboards. I saw a great idea on line for when I done w/the twins crib. You make it into a desk w/a chalk boardt table. you take down one side of the crib like a toddler bed and than the chalkboard would have to be custom made for the middle. makes cute school desk for the kids and you can use something you already have. When I have a chance I will find the link where I found it. Love looking up your Creationz! Love it! Kim Hernandez