Friday, January 6, 2012

{Friday Fave} Project Life

If you haven't heard of Project Life by Becky Higgins I am really glad that you are hearing about it now. I heard about it a while back and recently looked more into it. I really want to use it this year so I thought I would share.

Photo by Jennifer Woodbury

If you are like me then you have every intention of preserving your photos and family memories and making that amazing scrapbook with layouts like you see in your Scrapbooks Etc. magazine (too dramatic??) just hasn't happened. You might have tons a few pictures on your SD cards and you may even have a box like this...


If you have a box like mine my friend's, or even if you are more organized, you may want to check out Project Life.

 It's a scrapbooking system that lets you put together a great looking scrapbook in a lot less time and I am so determined to do one this year. I also want to take more "everyday" pictures. There are so many great moments and silly faces that happen every day with two little ones and I want to capture that in something that my kids can look back on later. There are some memories that I feel there is no way my kids could forget but in reality they are still so little and I know that they most likely will. This year I am determined to take better care of our memories. And of course to make lots of 'em! :)

I this quote from Becky's site...
When we document life we are not only more keenly aware of our blessings but also more motivated to cultivate a good life.

What's on your to do list this year? And how do you preserve your photos and memories?

cultivate a good life by Becky Higgins