Saturday, September 8, 2012

Random Thoughts

Hi everybody!
I am up late at night typing this when I should be in bed and thought I would check in and chat for a bit. First of all, I love seeing that people are still visiting my little corner of blogland and I am so sorry I have not posted in so long. Where should I begin???

I am getting very close to having my new little boy and am very, very excited, nervous, excited, anxious, get the picture. I also recently sent my baby boy of 5 years off to Kinder with his big sister and that was quite an experience for say the least. My son told everyone (very openly) how he was going to cry and didn't want to go to school and when the time came...he was suddenly a big boy and when I tried to gently break the news that Daddy and I were leaving and we'd be back to pick him up.........."okay" was his devastated response. :( **Insert heartbroken mother here. lol** ;)

 Honestly I was very proud but it did break my heart for our summer to be over
 and both of my babies to be in school. Very strange to drive home from school alone with no little face in the rearview and no one trailing behind me. But, I am proud of my little Kinder guy and big 1st grade girl. Time just goes by too quick.

Here they are on their first day.

So, I guess I have no excuse for that dirty laundry anymore. Except of course... to post here more often! ;) I hope to be doing that the next few weeks. There is a lot going on. But I do hope to check in a bit more before baby comes. For those of you on Instagram, you can also find me there now as @creationzstudio and of course don't forget to follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Anyway, I guess that is enough rambling for one night and I will talk to you all again very soon!