Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fabulous Feathered Costumes!

"Hoo" could be more adorable?

Isn't this homemade owl costume fun? Check out the instructions on Alpha Mom.

OMG!  Peacock costumes caught my eye online a few weeks ago and tonight I found this one!  Find it here at Angel Babes Tutu's.

This cute little chicken is from Martha Stewart.  Find the supply list and instructions to make it here.

Can't leave out the boys! With just a little more than felt and feathers you can make this quick and creative costume from Martha Stewart too.

Best of luck as you're narrowing down those costume ideas...only 2 weeks left!


Leslie said...

I am toooootally in love with the peacock! There is such a short window with the kiddos of when they will actually wear a costume AND when I get to tell them what that costume is going to be! But, if my daughter wouldn't wear that peacock outfit, then I would!

Monica said...

I agree!! :)