Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Treats That Don't Have To Be Sweet!!

I have to make these! Aren't they cute?!  I found them here at Fab Frugal Food.  So easy but so adorable!  My kids like hard boiled eggs and I think I would almost just skip the whole deviled egg process and cut a plain hard boiled egg open and stick the "spider" on top like that!!  Love it!

How about these "green meanies" ?!  Another quick snack for the kids or a good snack to take into work for your Halloween parties!  Just apples, peanut butter and slivered almonds!  Check them out here.

Photo: Wendell Webber

Last but not least your little one will LOVE these spiderweb pizzas from Woman's Day
Use string cheese for your web!
All of these are quick and easy ideas, but thoughtful and sure to put a smile on someone's face! 
Hope you try 'em!!