Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yummy Comfort Food!!

I got a request for some recipes and I came across these that look like heaven! The weather is getting cold and it's time for us to plump up for winter. That's what I told my Husband anyway! {...as I was buying brown sugar and corn syrup and yams  and....well, you get the idea!}
 I'm gonna make some soup to warm me up today but tomorrow I just might be making this one!

I found this tempting Corn Chowder with Chilies on Pioneer Woman. If you haven't checked out her site, you have to! She has great recipes and even a section with viewer submitted recipes. There's a homeschooling section, a photography tip section, lots of fun stuff! While I was there I could not stop my hand from clicking on this yummy pic too and grabbing this recipe.

Can you imagine?? I want to!! {lol}
Homemade dough, sugar, chocolate, butter.....ahhhhhhhh. Get the recipe here. And get cooking!!

The Party Take on This:
These recipes would be great for a dinner party or any party.  Have a rustic party with lots of appetizers.  Tiny cups filled with this corn chowder, wedges of quesadillas on a big platter, garlic bread hot out of the oven, more mini cups or bowls with some homemade chili beans...can't you picture it? And for your dessert table....cake stands fulls of these rolls, and classic cinnamon rolls, and donuts, and mini pies...... with mugs of your favorite coffee and hot chocolate! YUM!
Sounds like a hit to me!


Jenn said...

Those rolls look AMAZING! And as always your party ideas are GREAT! :D