Thursday, November 25, 2010


On Thanksgiving we stop our busy lives for a second, share time with people that we
love, and remember what we are thankful for.
I am thankful for my family first and foremost.
I don't think that anything would mean anything without any of you
and I'm so glad that we all got to be together today.
I am thankful for my small group of very close friends {to me, you are family too}.
I am thankful for today, for the smells coming out of the kitchen,
 for the food we stuffed ourselves with, for the smiles and laughs we had,
 and for the leftovers!! LOL
Truly, every day there is something to be thankful for
and every day I do try to remember that.
Lately, I am very grateful for this blog. This has been so fun for me so far
and I can only imagine how much better it will get. So thank you for taking the time to read this and for all the other times you stop by...
I really am THANKFUL.

xo, Monica