Thursday, March 10, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Lions and Tigers and Baby Showers...OH MY!!!

monkey baby shower invitation

Okay, so I just shared my little niece's monkey invite with you and now here's another! My Mother-in-Law is planning 2 baby showers for my Sister-in-Law Amy and Amy really loved the monkey invite I did for my cousin so I changed it up a little and here it is. I couldn't resist taking a picture of the monkeys all stacked up in a great big pile! lol. I tried one with a white scalloped background and I really love the way that looks!

monkey baby shower invitation

Amy is also having another baby shower and my Mother-in-Law really adored the Butterfly Baptism Invite that I shared with you the other day so I just changed it to go with the theme and came up with this...

lion baby shower invitation

I really love the way these came out and they have been getting lots of compliments I hear so I'm very proud! I'm not sure if my little nephew is gonna be a King of The Jungle or a Lil' Monkey {probably a bit of both ;) lol} but he is gonna have 2 adorable baby showers and I can't wait!! I will be back with pics to share of those parties in the next few weeks!
Thank you again for stopping by!!!


Shonda said...

Loving the invite! The lion is really cute? Is the lion an SVG file?

Monica said...

Hi Shonda. Thank you for the sweet comment! And to answer your question no, the lion is not a SVG file. Sorry!